To join the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT, please contact us.

By becoming a member, you express your will to implement a more sustainable management of your IT products and/or services, or to further improve it, based on best practices of Sustainable IT.

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT allows you to become part of a European network of organisations (companies, associations, NGO’s, public authorities, educational and research institutions) willing to share their skills and experience about Sustainable IT. You will also gain access to training, tools, documentation, information, working groups, conferences and more.

The table below details the annual membership fee (ex-VAT 21%), depending on your organisation and your annual turnover / budget.

VSE, Self-employed (annual turnover < 0,5 m€)500 €
SME (0,5 m€ < annual turnover < 2,5 m€)2.000 €
SME (2,5 m€ < annual turnover < 5 m€)4.000 €
Corporates (annual turnover > 5 m€)8.000 €
Associations and public authorities (annual budget < 0,5 m€)250 €
Associations and public authorities (0,5 m€ < annual budget < 2,5 m€) 1.000 €
Associations and public authorities (2,5 m€ < annual budget < 5 m€) 2.000 €
Associations and public authorities (annual budget > 5 m€) 4.000 €
Educational institutions500 €

As a member, you will be kept informed of the latest scientific and legislative advances and you will be able to propose or carry sustainable IT projects that are close to your heart.

With the Charter and the Label, you can express publicly your will to reduce the environmental footprint of IT products and services, your action to limit the footprint of your organisation and your efforts to make digital technologies more ethical and inclusive. Join us !