To join the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT-BE asbl/vzw), please contact us.

By becoming a member, you express your will to implement a more sustainable management of your IT products and/or services, or to further improve it, based on best practices of Sustainable IT.

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT allows you to become part of a European network of organisations (companies, associations, NGO’s, public authorities, educational and research institutions) willing to share their skills and experience about Sustainable IT. You will also gain access to training, tools, documentation, information, working groups, conferences and more.

Becoming a member gives you access to a range of services detailed below.

Depending on the current state sustainability of your IT and your appetite to progress, you may require different services from our association. You can therefore choose your preferred service level depending on your needs.

Services and toolsBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
“Sustainable IT Foundations” training50% on 1st2 included4 included8 included*
Other trainings at preferential rate
MOOCs (+ embed in your own online learning catalogue)
Knowledge certificate (online test)1 included2 included4 included8 included
Access to our documentation and main tools
Welcome kit, tutorials etc
Priviledged access to our members directory
Members’ forum access
Access to our monthly ISIT Time
WeNR detailed reports (members only)
Roadmap tool
Explicit mention of Gold or Platinum sponsorship of events included
Invite 10 new Bronze members (offer 1st-year membership to ISIT-BE for 10 SME’s or non-profits eligible for Bronze category)
Regular follow-up callEvery 6 monthsQuarterlyMonthly
Number of tickets included for additional servicesNA1🎫6🎫12🎫
* (or 1 group session for max 12 people)

With your 🎫 tickets, you can get additional services from our team of experts. The table below shows our suggestion of usage per year.

Additional services (suggestion of usage)BronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Presentation to staff (e.g. lunchtime session)1🎫1🎫2🎫
WeNR analysis review session1🎫2🎫
Roadmap review sessions1🎫2🎫
Preparation to get the Sustainable IT Label1🎫2🎫
Preparation to renew the Sustainable IT Label2🎫
Private workshop on Sustainable IT Procurement1🎫1🎫
Private workshop on Sustainable IT eco-actions1🎫1🎫
You can purchase additional tickets if required
N.B.: Tickets are reserved to Silver members and above

Soon available on this page: a more detailed description and our estimate of the added value of each of these services. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The following table details the annual membership fee (ex-VAT 21%), depending on your organisation, your annual turnover / budget and the service level of your choosing.

Type of organisationBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
VSE, Self-employed (annual turnover < 0,5 m€)500 €4.000 €
SME (0,5 m€ < annual turnover < 2,5 m€)2.000 €4.000 €
SME (2,5 m€ < annual turnover < 5 m€)4.000€6.000€
Corporates (annual turnover > 5 m€)10.000 €20.000 €30.000 €
Associations and public authorities (annual budget < 0,5 m€)250 €2.000 €
Associations and public authorities (0,5 m€ < annual budget < 2,5 m€) 1.000 €2.000 €
Associations and public authorities (2,5 m€ < annual budget < 5 m€) 2.000€3.000 €
Associations and public authorities (annual budget > 5 m€) 5.000 €10.000 €15.000 €
Educational institutions500 €5.000 €10.000 €15.000 €

As a member, you will be kept informed of the latest scientific and legislative advances and you will be able to propose or carry sustainable IT projects that are close to your heart.

With the Charter and the Label, you can express publicly your will to reduce the environmental footprint of IT products and services, your action to limit the footprint of your organisation and your efforts to make digital technologies more ethical and inclusive. Join us !