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4th Signing ceremony of the Sustainable IT Charter ✍️📜 [November 2023 - specific date to be decided]

⚑ | 01.11.2023 - 00h00

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to announce the 4th Belgian signing ceremony of ...


Informatie sessie - Het Digitale Fresco | Session d’information - la Fresque du Numérique 🧩

⚑ | 19.10.2023 - 17h45

[hybride Frans/Nederlands evenement | évènement hybride français/néerlandais] [Français pl...


Webinar: "Water & IT: water footprint indicators facing the water cycle complexity" (Anglais/English/Engels) 💧💦

⚑ | 05.10.2023 - 11h00

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to present you a webinar on the concept of Water...


Webinaire - Lancement du guide « Concevoir sans dark patterns » de l'association Designers Éthiques ⚖️💗

⚑ | 03.10.2023 - 18h00

  Designers Éthiques est une association qui explore les pratiques de conception numér...


📢 Webinar : How to ecodesign your electronic systems?

⚑ | 12.09.2023 - 12h30

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to present you a webinar on how to ecodesign...


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About the ISIT-BE

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT-BE) is a non-profit promoting a more environmentally friendly, accessible, ethical, and inclusive digitalisation. We support organisations willing to start or improve their sustainability actions when it comes to IT, to fully maximize the benefits of digital technologies. We provide tools, guides, trainings, workshops, and more services to our members for them to minimize the negative impacts of their IT equipment, uses and services. We also counsel public authorities, and we intervene for the general public to raise awareness on the impacts of digital technology (in schools, media, associations, etc.), in addition to the public resources that we make available.

The strength of our association lies in its members and partners, including the support we receive from public authorities. It is only by bringing together as many actors as possible that we will be able to make a real difference in the way IT is done in Belgium. This is crucial for the environment, for a more inclusive and ethical society, but also for the future competitivity of our companies.

The Green Deal of the European Commission will strongly influence IT products and services in the coming years. Don’t miss the train, join us and be at the forefront of this transition.

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