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For a sustainable digital transition

The Cyber/Digital World CleanUp Day has started ! The Cyber World CleanUp is a continuous operation of awareness-raising about the environmental footprint of digital technology through action, with a deadline on March 19th, 2022. During this time, the objective is to generate awareness by inviting individuals and organisations to take concrete action by (1) cleaning up their data and/or (2) giving a second life to all their digital equipment that is sleeping in drawers. 👉Visit the website of the initiative ! 💾💻

20 new Belgian signatories for the Sustainable IT Charter during our ceremony on Tuesday 9 November 2021 ! More details in our press release in French, Dutch and English.

Did you miss our conferences on Thursday 2 September 2021, an online day full of talks around sustainability and Sustainable IT with great speakers? 🌍💻🍃🎁  Click here to access all replays now!

Faced with the climate crisis and the ever-growing environmental footprint of digital technology, it becomes imperative to rethink our digital world to carry more inclusive and ethical values for all human beings and to reduce our impact on the planet.

Following the path paved by the French Institut du Numérique Responsable (INR) and partnering with it, the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT extends its reach to share best practices, training, research, projects, working groups and more with the Belgian actors. We are also very happy to announce the creation of the Swiss Institute for Sustainable IT ! Together, we will form the basis of a European network of experts on the complex and diverse aspects of sustainability of digital societies.

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Our association

The Institue comes at a turning point of the climat and environmental crisis: we have no other choice than changing the way we live, and this includes the way we create or use digital products and services. At the same time, when faced with a major sanitary and economic crisis as we currently are, the reflex of many organisations and individuals could be to revert to the old habits. But another way is possible: change for a better, applying the 3P (People, Planet, Profit) principle to find a new balance.

Learn more about our ambition, our values, our objectives and which topics we address.


The people behind the Institute

Our association would not exist without the people behind it. To make this happen, we brought together professionals from different backgrounds and experience, with different and complementary skills, all with a common passion: finding ways to reduce the environmental footprint of IT products and services while leveraging digital technology to reduce social inequality.

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Training, tools and working groups

The root of the problem is the lack of awareness about the environmental and social impacts of digital technologies. Even if, recently, media start to cover this topic, a lot of incorrect information is spread, leading to actions that are very costly or require a lot of effort, for only a minor reduction of impact. It is possible to do just the opposite: start by smaller actions with big impact, and improve continuously thereafter.

This is why our association already provides several on-site and on-line conferences and workshops, and collaborate closely with the French and Swiss INR.

The French INR has created 2 MOOCs to help you start your journey: a 30-minutes module (introduction / awareness) and a comprehensive 5-hours MOOC composed of 14 modules. Find out more here.


The strength of our association lies in its members and partners, including the support we receive from public authorities. It is only by bringing together as many actors as possible that we will be able to make a real difference in the way IT is done in Belgium. This is crucial for the environment, for a more inclusive and ethical society, but also for the future competitivity of our companies.

The Green Deal of the European Commission will strongly influence IT products and services in the coming years. Don’t miss the train, join us and be at the forefront of this transition.

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