The Sustainable IT label, created by the French INR, is operated by Agence LUCIE.

Dedicated site operated by Agence LUCIE (currently only in French)

The labeling process is quite demanding: the label demonstrates the professionalism of your Sustainable IT implementation.

Presentation by Agence Lucie

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6 steps must be taken in order to claim the labeling of your organization. Agence LUCIE accompanies you in each step of the process to enable you to obtain it. Here are some of the key steps.

The Sustainable IT foundations training is one of the first steps towards a global understanding of the issues at stake. This training is essential in order to correctly assess your current adoption of the best practices of Sustainable IT and to prepare a coherent 3-years continuous improvement action plan for your organization.

An external audit, performed by SGS or Bureau Veritas, will evaluate your assessment and your action plan. An independent labeling committee will then review the audit report and will decide whether or not to award the label. This operation guarantees the entire independence of the label.

The intervention of several actors in the process, its duration and the support you will receive guarantee the implementation of a sustainable, long-term and coherent Sustainable IT policy within organisations.

Objectives of the label

The main objectives of the label are to :

  • Promote the best benefit / cost ratio of sustainable development and social responsibility initiatives around digital technology;
  • Develop skills within a group of committed organisations;
  • Set up a continuous improvement policy;
  • Guarantee an impartial evaluation of the process by a third-party certifier, expert in the domain.

It is based on :

  • A self-assessment framework;
  • Management by Agence LUCIE of the labeling process;
  • A commitment from the candidate organisation to contribute to the operation of the system;
  • An audit review by reference organizations (SGS or Bureau Veritas).

Our aim is to establish a European label and to help implement a continuous improvement process in the organisations concerned.