Digital CleanUp Day 2023 - Take action ! 📲🧹

Digital CleanUp Day 2023 - Take action ! 📲🧹

13 March 2023 18 March 2023

The Digital Cleanup Day is a global initiative to raise awareness on the environmental footprint of digital technology through action : You can take action by (1) cleaning up data, (2) by offering a second life to your digital equipment  and/or (3) by recycling them responsibly if they are out of use.

With this event, we invite you to discover a first set of Sustainable IT good practices. Bear in mind that these small actions are only a starting point, and that they are part of a bigger set of practices, to effectively reduce the overall environmental footprint of IT : some actions have more impact than others, but it's only by putting them together that you can make a real difference.

Check our dedicated webpage to find all information & resources about the Digital CleanUp Day 2023 :

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Feel free to reach us if your organisation wishes to dive in Sustainable IT !

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