📢 Webinar : "Anticipation is key to counter software obsolescence" with Simon Uyttendaele from Aeonics (Anglais/English/Engels)

📢 Webinar : "Anticipation is key to counter software obsolescence" with Simon Uyttendaele from Aeonics (Anglais/English/Engels)

7 March 2023


The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to propose a webinar on "software obsolescence" by Simon Uyttendaele, CEO @ Aeonics

  • On the intervention

Software eco-design is a key part of any Green IT  strategy when developing digital services. It consists in considering environmental and societal impacts of the digital technology from the start of any project, and taking actions to reduce them while creating any digital service. Software obsolescence results in an avoidable growing demand for computing capacity and computer hardware, which significantly increases the impacts of the digital sector. Thanks to proper anticipation of the application lifecycle, we can limit its obsolescence and reduce the resource overconsumption dynamics.

Technical terminology can create a virtual gap between managers and teams of developers, which does not ease the concrete implementation of digital services in a sustainable way. During this session, we will talk about the key elements that help define objectives for the development of more sober and resilient applications.

  • Program
    • Implications of software in the overall impacts of the digital sector.
    • What defines obsolescence and why does it matter?
    • Point of view: what are my focus points?
    • Risk/Benefits, the Belgian compromise.
    • Cheat sheet & whatnot.
    • Open questions and sharing of experience.
  • About Aeonics

Aeonics provides an application-server software that disrupts how digital services and microservices can lead the sustainable IT corporate initiative, with a strong focus on business needs and cybersecurity.

  • About Simon Uyttendaele

Simon developed a career specialized in software architecture and IT infrastructures. He gained a rich experience with respect to enterprise IT services, best practices and common pitfalls. He will bridge the gap between technical aspects, cybersecurity requirements and needs for sovereignty, with environmental objectives and other corporate policy considerations that are often misunderstood or misfocused.

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