Webinar : Presentation of the SuRe Charter (ISIT-BE) 💻🔧♻️

Webinar : Presentation of the SuRe Charter (ISIT-BE) 💻🔧♻️

8 June 2023

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to propose a webinar to present the SuRe Charter, a charter for refurbishment professionals 💻🔧♻️

The SuRe Charter

As a user of digital devices, conscious of the need to extend the lifetime of your equipment outside of your organisation, you probably donate or sell it, to give it a second life. But are you sure that your partners, handling these devices, apply all best practices and requirements ? 🤔

👉Get them to sign the SuRe Charter, to reassure you and your collaborators that your devices will not become a bigger problem.

This charter commits the refurbishment organisations to do their utmost to collect, refurbish and put back into circulation EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) with a view to extending its lifespan in good operating conditions as much as possible, seeking, across the entire value chain, to reduce the environmental footprint and resolve economic, social and societal issues.

The SuRe charter commits its signatory to 4 mandatory areas: technical, ethical, legal and fiscal. In addition, it allows the signatory to commit to 2 complementary axes, to differentiate it from its competitors: a social and/or an environmental commitment.

See the details of the SuRe Charter on our dedicated page : https://isit-be.org/the-sure-charter 💡

Sign the Charter

If you are a professional organisation active in refurbishment of EEE (Electric and Electronic Equipment), you can elect to sign the SuRe Charter, appear on this website and proudly annouce your commitment to your partners, clients, donators and prospects.

To do so, visit the dedicated page : https://isit-be.org/the-sure-charter, the process is pretty easy :
1) download the Charter using one of the links provided,
2) sign it and send an electronic copy to contact@isit-be.org, with your logo,
3) we'll be in touch !

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