Webinar : discover innovative Sustainable IT solutions from CarbonScore & Rejoose ! 👩‍🏫

Webinar : discover innovative Sustainable IT solutions from CarbonScore & Rejoose ! 👩‍🏫

12 March 2024

ISIT-BE is pleased to invite you to its next webinar in which we will learn more about two innovative Sustainable IT solutions from CarbonScore and Rejoose. In addition, we will hear more about the experience of first-hand users of both solutions.

📆 Date & time : 12 March (11.00 - 12.00)
📍 Where : online (Teams)
✍️ Registration : https://forms.office.com/e/8GvH5YWSDM

About CarbonScore 

CarbonScore is an awareness-raising and action-oriented approach that engages employees based on the actual measurement of their daily impact. They learn to better manage the resources at their disposal and to take more environmentally responsible actions. A company can monitor its own progress in its CSR policy through a game that stimulates and rewards virtuous behaviour.

About Rejoose  

Rejoose is a Danish company that provides compliant carbon emission data on IT hardware and services. Its primary purpose is to promote informed decision making and provide better data and reports by using more accurate calculation methods than Spend Based method.

Rejoose offers SaaS tools to:

  • Manually create Baseline Reports – a report that documents the complete carbon footprint of a company’s IT installations.
  • Automatically retrieve climate data from your IT suppliers every time you purchase.
  • Document the avoided carbon emission from using refurbished, pre-owned products.

Programme of the webinar

  1. Introduction ISIT-BE
  2. CarbonScore: Presentation of tool by Jean-Christophe Bories from (Co-Founder & CEO), testimonial by Eco CO2
  3. Rejoose : Presentation of tool by Martin Skou (Benelux Manager), testimonial by Belinda Fjord (Director & Head of ESG at Egiss)
  4. Q&A

📲 CarbonScore's website : https://carbonscore.fr/
📲 Rejoose's website : https://rejoose.com/

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