📢 Webinar : How to ecodesign your electronic systems?

📢 Webinar : How to ecodesign your electronic systems?

12 September 2023

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to present you a webinar on how to ecodesign your electronic systems with Jean-Brieuc Feron.

  • On the intervention : 

In the face of our current ecological crisis, technological improvements are often presented as a solution to tackle it. The IT industry, however, is also known to drive and be driven by a capitalist growth model which incites overconsumption. Not to mention the IT sector's own baggage of environmental impacts, contributing to approximately 4% of global GHG emissions !

An increasing number of researchers, engineers, and citizens are therefore calling for more sober, simple, and sustainable technologies to tackle the transition towards a circular economy. With this in mind, Jean-Brieuc will explain how to ecodesign your electronic systems, reduce their environmental impacts and increase the robustness of your designs and businesses by covering the following topics:

    • Why ecodesigning your electronic systems?
    • Ecodesign principles applied to our economic reality
    • How to measure and reduce your design environmental impact?
    • How to make money out of your ecodesign initiatives?
    • Illustrations - Overview of existing & inspiring initiatives
  • Jean-Brieuc Feron

Jean-Brieuc Feron is an electronic engineer with 10 years experience in the aerospace industry, earned during the development of space rocket components and of autonomous drones for medical applications. In 2020, he founded Swarn, a low-tech engineering company specialized in circular business development and in complex systems ecodesign.

Today, he is working with Swarn on the development of circular businesses and products in the energy and IoT sectors and on the redaction of future European ecodesign regulations.

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