📢 Webinar : Introduction to digital accessibility with Michel Dvorak (Anglais/English/Engels)

📢 Webinar : Introduction to digital accessibility with Michel Dvorak (Anglais/English/Engels)

21 February 2023

cover of the webinar on digital inclusion

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is pleased to propose you a webinar on digital accessibility with Michel Dvorak.

  • On the intervention : 

Digital accessibility means making digital technology accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Improving the accessibility for your digital services also make them more user-friendly : digital accessibility is thus beneficial to everyone !

Is digital accessibility mandatory ? For who ? What are the current and upcoming regulations ?
What are the advantages and risks (legal, SEO, e-reputation, team improvement, etc.) ?

Between theoretical parts and practical examples, you will learn why it's time to integrate digital accessibility within the digital culture of your organisation. With more and more digital services, accessibility is slowly becoming a key aspect of social responsability.


  • Michel Dvorak

Web integrator, webmaster, copywriter and photographer since 2008, Michel discovered web accessibility at the University of Montreal while doing a student exchange in 2011. After his master thesis, "Web accessibility of Belgian governemental websites" (2013, ULB), he then decided to travel and work some 3-6 months projects as webmaster.

After several projects (Partenamut, AG Insurance, European Parliament, etc.), Michel did follow a UX training program (2021, ULB) and then decided to dedicate his career to web accessibility.

First volunteering and then freelancing for AnySurfer during 9 months, making WCAG conformity audits, mainly for public institution websites, Michel now advocates for an accessible digitalisation in Belgium: giving and participating to conferences, giving classes (Paris) and trainings for professionals in charge of creating digital websites and tools.

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